Treatment for PTSD

healing from traumaMy invitation to you is to find yourself, the one who has been hidden since before the trauma experience.  To break the cycle that has your mind and body imprisoned.  To make a commitment to yourself to heal, to be able to relax, and to walk in peace.

I believe I have found several very effective and efficient methods that can complement what you are already doing to address your symptoms and pain.  All of the methods work with the circuits between the body and the brain (the master controller of all body systems and networks) to relieve pain and related symptoms, and restore your survival mechanisms at the SOURCE, from within your body.

In your first session, we will discuss your issues, any health concerns and decide what you would like to have for your healing experience, based on your priorities and goals.

Here’s what I can do for you to relieve your symptoms of PTSD:

If you would like to experience relaxation and relief from your stress, you can lay on the message table (fully clothed) as I gently and lovingly work with your body using craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, and energetic healing techniques.  No work on your part except to give yourself permission to relax!

If your priority is physical health concerns, I will use something called Neurological Integration System (NIS).  This is a system of healthcare protocols that look at the CAUSES of symptoms using a manual muscle test to ask your brain to look for breaks in the circuits within your body.  If there is a broken circuit, tapping on the top of your head will signal the brain to instantly correct it.  (Sounds crazy, but cells in our body called “proprioceptors” are scientifically proven to send messages like this!)

If the trauma experience is your priority,  I work with you using the MNRI approach, developed by Dr. Svetlana Masgutova.  It is different from anything else and very gentle as it works to change the wiring of the primary (primitive) reflexes (the original circuits for survival and learning).   They turned on to keep you safe during the traumatic experience, but now will not shut off!  She has used it for thousands of survivors of tragedy (including Vets) since 1986, and has developed a specific protocol for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  This was successfully used in Newtown in the recovery of 218 survivors of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

The MNRI protocols work at the “cellular level” in the body to change the neurophysiology and release the protection stress response in PTSD.  By working with your body using various exercises, and through your body’s sensory motor circuits that are triggered in response to sensory stimulation, we will relax the fight/flight/freeze response connected to fear, and other circuits between the body and brain that keep running amok – re-creating the original stress response.  MNRI helps to turn this off, brings the body and your mind to the present, and returns this response to what it is intended to do – turn on only as needed to keep you safe.  It is the “missing link” to healing PTSD.

I invite you to make a commitment to yourself (or for your child) to heal.  Read more on my blog and contact me today to return to who you were born to be – feeling safe, happy and full of life.