Therapy for Pain

Your body has the answersHow does Carolyn help me to relieve my Pain?

 How hard is it to –

Get up each morning to face the day or go to work?

Keep a positive attitude and put up a good front when with family and friends?

Have fun and do the things you enjoy?

Stay calm when your child is misbehaving or you are having a disagreement with your spouse?

Be around others who say “I understand what you are going through”, but have no real understanding of your pain?

Pain comes from many sources and can be as individual as a fingerprint.  It can come from one source or a combination of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual causes.  Sometimes pain exists and you have no idea why.  The doctor listens to your symptoms, puts a label on your pain, and prescribes medication or therapies to address your symptoms.  Often this works.

But what if it doesn’t?  Then what?  What if you could address the pain in a different way – from its SOURCE, in a limited time, and without causing further pain?

These are MY questions when looking for ways to deal with my pain.  I believe I have found several very effective and efficient methods that can complement what you are already doing to address your pain.  The methods work with the electrical circuits between the body and the brain (the master controller of all body systems and networks) to relieve pain at its SOURCE.

Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial release are gentle therapies that help get you to a relaxed state so your body can focus on healing through releasing restrictions that may be contributing to pain.

The MNRI Method targets and helps restore the primary (or primitive) sensory motor reflex circuits that become inefficient when you are injured or experience trauma.

NIS (Neurological Integration System) is a system of healthcare protocols that look at the CAUSES of symptoms using a manual muscle test to ask your brain to look for breaks in the circuits within your body.  If there is a broken circuit, tapping on the top of your head will signal the brain to instantly correct it.  (Sounds crazy, but cells in our body called “proprioceptors” are scientifically proven to send messages like this!)  To read more about this click here to check out my blog “About Neurological Integration System“.

Are you ready to be free from pain?  To return to the perfect, loving and love-able person you are at your core?  My mission is to help people to know that it is possible and there is HOPE.  Call for an appointment to get started on the path to healing your pain so that you can live life to the fullest!