Loving Hands Healing Circles

Experience the loving touch of family and friends for healing and peace.

Our lives are crazy these days!  Full of so much to do, so many places to be, so many people to meet!  Busy, Busy, Busy.

Then you have a car accident, or find out you have cancer, or you are scared because you’ve had something going on for a long time but the doctors are taking forever to get the tests done and give you answers.

Or someone you know is having a really hard time.  Life is overwhelming.  Nothing seems to be working out for them.  They are really down, lost and confused, and you wish there was a way to give them hope.

Maybe you know a child suffering and would like to offer support.

Many times, family and friends would like to do something to support others, but feel helpless given the situation or circumstances.

There is nothing more healing than the touch of loved ones.  

Sometimes, the feeling of being safe and loved is all it takes to turn a person’s thoughts and feelings about a situation.  

I had a friend who got her mammogram and it came back positive.   She was so scared and anxious about the possibility of what that meant.  Before she went for her ultrasound, a group of our friends got together, and as she laid comfortably on the massage table, the rest of us simply put our hands on her arms, held her hand, or touched her heart.  As we sat around her for about 10 minutes, we stayed quiet and said prayers, or let our thoughts run about how much we love her.

When she got up off of the table, she had a big smile.  She said, “I feel so relaxed,” and “my anxiety is gone.”  The ultrasound came back with “nothing” to report.  So many gratitudes that day!

If you or someone you love is experiencing a difficult or stressful issue, do something positive.  Take a break, host a Healing party, and get a new mindset.  Gather together a group of friends to Celebrate Life and all you are.  When a group of 2-6 people (or more), family and friends, are gathered and share love through their hands, the person feeling this energy will experience an incredible healing feeling of peace and love.  Their spirit is re-energized.  Do it for everyone there.  We all need to feel loved!

During a Loving Hands Healing Circle, Carolyn will provide guidance through the process utilizing the wisdom of indigenous and spiritual traditions to support the process. She also honors spiritual traditions of the hosts during the process.

Host a party with Carolyn, family & friends.  You can choose to have your party at Sound Therapeutics or in the comfort of your own home.

 If you would like to feel the powerfully gentle and loving energy of “2 or more gathered, Contact Carolyn