Pain – is it necessary?

pain circuitTo have pain is common, and normal, right?  Short term, yes.  Long term, not true!  But pain is necessary.  It is a sensory message or an indicator that your body sends out to tell your brain that something is going on that needs to be paid attention to.

Did your pain show up for no apparent reason?  This can happen.  You feel fine, you bend down to pick something up off of the floor, and WHAM!, your lower back hurts, and keeps hurting.  You review all the possible reasons in your mind and nothing comes up.

Or you have a reason – Irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, PTSD, history of a car accident, old injury from playing football, or you slipped and fell on the ice.

You have been to the doctor, he gave you a diagnosis or reason for the pain, maybe some medication to relieve the pain, and recommendations to help with pain relief such as PT or surgery.

You try what he recommends, but the pain continues.  Now what?  Do you continue to suffer and hope it goes away?  Do you decide that this is what you have to deal with and go on with your life?  Do you allow it to continue to rule your life, limiting your activities and the possibility of feeling happy?

If you are looking at this page, that probably means you want relief now, and you want to and are ready to do something, to take action to get you on the path for relief.  You know there must be a cause for it, and you are open to trying something, anything at this point that will relieve your misery –  without causing further pain and with results in a short period of time.

Am I Right?  Haven’t you suffered long enough?

I have therapies that can support your body’s self healing mechanisms for pain relief.  Life is short.  Commit to spending as little as 2-3 hours of your time with me to heal the cause of your pain.  Click here to check out my other blogs to find out more about what I do, or call me now to schedule a free consult and get on the path to feeling better now.