My Story

Life is a JourneyI recently had a conversation with a friend talking about our chosen career. I have always known that my life path was to work in a helping or healing profession. I chose Occupational Therapy because it fit for me. I wanted to be able to help people experiencing challenges (such as illness, injury, learning, or trauma) that interfere with how they want to live their life – with independence, ease and joy.

Our world is shifting into new ways of thinking and being. What worked in the past no longer seems to be as effective or just doesn’t seem to work. Children today are exposed to a myriad of technologies and a fast paced world that is affecting how their brains and bodies function, and they are missing out on important developmental experiences and essential time in nature. Increasing awareness of PTSD is forcing the system to look at and treat the needs of survivors of traumatic experiences. More and more people are seeking out “natural” or non-invasive alternatives for their healthcare needs.

In my journey of learning to take care of my health and wellness in mind, body and spirit I look for things that naturally support me. I am drawn to teachers who have knowledge and techniques that are non-invasive, pain free and effective. In 1997 I began studying various energetic and bodywork healing techniques. The Creator created our bodies to be self healing with a master computer (the brain) in charge. Working with the 8+ senses of our bodies, the primitive reflexes, the emotional system, and the Neurological Integration System has shown me how important it is to have all circuits between our brain and body connected so we can move through life with ease.

Life is a journey. The Creator gives each of us opportunities for making choices along the way for what we do, how we do it, where we go, who we do it with and when, striving for peace, love and joy along the way. My mission is to help people to know that whatever they are dealing with, there is always hope, and they can thrive and live life to the fullest.