I am so over this Pain

pain circuitAre you at this point?  Do you say this to yourself?

Chronic Pain, the kind that lasts long after an injury should be healed, pain that is connected to physical health, or pain you have for “no apparent reason” is your body’s way of telling you that something inside the body is not working for you.  It is a “symptom” of the “Real” problem.  Medications can cover up the symptoms, but they do not heal them.

Your body is a system of networks connected by circuits running back and forth to the brain.  Your brain is able to monitor all systems and send out the troops to keep things running efficiently.  It can handle and heal anything our environment throws at it, with extra support (i.e. from the immune system) for any problems that may come up.

Why does pain sometimes continue no matter what you have tried?

When the body gets stressed or overloaded by an injury, poor nutrition, high physical or emotional stress, or many other potential factors, fuses blow in the circuits.  One of the “symptoms” is the pain signal that is sent out.  The “Real” problem is that the pain signal may get to the brain, but reasons for why it is there may not be getting to the brain because of blown fuses along the circuit.  Therefore the brain does not get all the information from the body.  Without all the information, the brain is not in control, (or aware of the need for extra troops needed) to repair or heal the area that is affected.  So pain continues.

If this makes sense to you and feels right, you ARE READY to relieve your pain by doing something completely different from anything you have tried before.

At Sound Therapeutics, I use a system of healthcare based in scientific principles called the Neurological Integration System (NIS).  You will not find this anywhere else in northern Michigan.

NIS is “outside the box” of traditional or mainstream treatments and works for 3 big reasons:

First: Only your body and your brain know what is causing your pain, what is the underlying cause.  Yes, the doctor can say “your blood work is off”, or “your tendon is inflammed”, or “your stomach has too much acid”, but he cannot tell you exactly “why“.

Second:  NIS asks your body, through a manual muscle test, where the broken circuits are, and once found, we can immediately re-set the fuse(s).  The brain and the self-healing mechanisms are instantly back in control.

Third:  It works fast and with things that doctors have not had answers for.   I have been using this highly effective system for 10+ years, and seen it work quickly and efficiently not only with myself, but with many others who have suffered from chronic pain.

Life is short and You deserve to live pain free.  Commit to spending as little as 3 hours of your time with me to heal the cause of your pain.  Click here to check out my other blogs to find out more about what I do, or call me now to schedule a free consult and get on the path to feeling better now.