Experimenting with neglect

imagesI once had an old beach towel.  One day after returning home from the beach I threw it over a stump in the yard to dry and I never picked it up again.  I just left it there.  I don’t know why, but I think it was some sort of experiment to see how long it would take to deteriorate.   Every now and then I would check it to see how much of it was left until finally it was just threads.

Thinking about this got me to thinking about other things in life that we neglect or allow to deteriorate.  It happens with our homes or gardens, our physical fitness, our health, our relationships, our spirituality, etc.  Sometimes it is intentional because we are so busy.  Sometimes we are afraid to do it.  Sometimes we are unaware it is happening.  Then one day, it gets to the point that you have to make a choice.  To do something about this or decide it is too late to save it and just throw in the towel.

The priorities in our life are what we are putting our time and attention on.  Is there anything in your life that is being neglected that you should be paying attention to?