About Neurological Integration System

Allergies    Back and Neck Pain   Chronic Fatigue   Depression

Irritable Bowel Syndrome    Migraines     Frequent colds/flu      Reflux

Asthma     Ear Infections

 Learning and behavioral difficulties (i.e. ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, LD, Aspergers)


They are all words or letters implying dis-order or dis-ease. Something is wrong with you, you have a problem, you do not have perfect health.

Each is a diagnosis given by the medical profession – the words or letters are a title for describing a set of symptoms,  indicating that something within the body is not working, or stress from living each day and accumulation of experiences (emotional, trauma, injuries, poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits…) is causing ill-health.  There is something going on inside of you that is not working well.

All of the above diagnoses can be treated using a system of healthcare that focuses on identifying the CAUSE of symptoms at the cellular level, and does not involve manipulation, medication, special diets or homework exercises.

That system is Neurolink®s  Neurological Integration System (NIS) developed by Dr Allan K. Phillips, D.O. and health consultant to the Pacific Region for World Health.  He is the founder of the Neurolink® Centre  in Auckland New Zealand, and is the researcher behind NIS.

NIS is a modality of healthcare that allows practitioners to investigate the status of body function from the brain’s (neurological) point of view.  NIS has everything to do with the BRAIN and nothing to do with the mind.  The spectrum of complaints covered include Emotional, Neurological, Physical, Hormonal, Pathological, and Structural. This very unique cutting edge approach is used in clinics and health practices globally.

All the principles behind the system of treatment provided by an NIS practitioner are based on proven principles of neuroscience to address CAUSES of symptoms.  The BRAIN controls optimum function, through its neurological circuitry. It is constantly receiving information from every facet of the body, and in turn sends back ‘fine tuning’ messages, many times per second. This means every cell, gland, organ, muscle, tendon etc. in the body is constantly monitored via these circuits to the brain.  However, from time to time, circuits get overloaded and break down – very similar to a fuse blowing in your car or home. Power is now lost to that circuit, reducing function to that part of the body.  NIS looks at WHY the circuits broke down causing symptoms.

How are complaints addressed?

Initially new patients book in for three treatments, these are usually spaced about 5-10 days apart.  When you see me for NIS, I will use a prioritized set of treatment protocols that evaluate all the neurological circuitry and all areas of body function.  We will feed data to and from the brain, and use a muscle-test (slight resistance with your arm or leg) to act as a feedback indicator to determine if a broken circuit may be contributing to your complaints.  Once an area of dysfunction as been identified, the brain needs to ‘acknowledge’ the dysfunction and reset the circuitry.  To do this, gentle tapping on the top of your head sets it in motion.

The NIS approach is non-invasive, stress & pain-free! A powerful stand alone healthcare method suitable for the whole family, from the newborn baby through to the very aged, and those who are very sick or injured.  NIS is one of the safest methods of healthcare available.

I have been doing this work for 12 years and love that we are utilizing the brain to identify and correct health complaints, using your profound ability to restore your body to its potential. Only your brain holds the key to your optimum health.  You can feel better.  Call me today to schedule an appointment.